Objektive of Project

The individual activities of our Development Partnership programme and TCA focuse on aims to increase the quality and range of social services offers in Pardubice region.

First we will emanate from analyses targeting citizens needs recognition and their opinion on services offered so far. We will be also concerned with analysis of education of the workers in social services and will compare its level with our partners experience, especially the quality of management.

As there is no management course for social workers in the Czech Republic, we would like to prepare such a course, test it and submit it for accreditation. Part of these activities block is also elaboration of catalogue of educational standards in social services. Another course for social workers in lower than managerial posts will be compared with the standards.

Upcoming courses will be piloted in cooperation with target groups. We would like to attempt quality services offer was available in small towns as well as in rural regions. We believe that thanks to this aim - distribution of quality services closer to their users, to their homes - we will accomplish in cooperation with municipalities increase of employment options especially for older women from rural areas who have problems to assert on recent job market.

As a part of our activities planned in the frame of our DP we have work concentrated on preparation of quality services assessment, dissemination of new knowledge and gained experience.